Editor Bios

 C. V. 1623586_439816226150351_2097212178_nWhite is writing her first book while working for an MFA in Fiction at a sunny little university in San Diego. She admires writers who create stunning atmospheric worlds that are both true to life and riddled with the unexpected. Authors from Amy Hempel to Salman Rushdie, Dorothy Allison to Lidia Yuknavitch, Kurt Vonnegut to Pablo Neruda, push her to develop and challenge her perspective. Her small apartment is a literary landscape of contemporary female authors, world literature, linked story collections, fiction and non-fiction that challenges the status quo. Her critical writing focuses on women-powered prose, global lit, and writing that explores the GLBT and gender-queer experience. She finds inspiration and power in Tank Girl, Ariel Gore, Delirium, Siouxsie Sioux, Yemaya, Lidia Yuknavitch, Cyndi Lauper, and Margaret Atwood.


Stephanie Hernandez is an aspiring author and book-worm from Los Angeles. As a former writer for the Los Altos newspaper, she is experienced in pushing the limit with creative entertainment reviews. She also loves a good book with badass female characters because she’s a rebel at heart. No damsels in distress here! She finds strong female characters in anything from cliché young adult books to hot and steamy romance novels. She is constantly on the search for new writers, both published and unpublished. Everyone’s imagination creates a different world and Stephanie wants to travel as many as possible.

10068_10152293950723277_557544020_nMarina Butler is a student and writer with a passion for queer theory, identity politics, and intersectional feminism. 
She enjoys witty banter, short walks on the beach, and long books about amazing women and queer folks. Her favorite books are usually those that provide unique perspectives and experiment with nontraditional writing forms, covering writers from Samuel Beckett to Audre Lorde. Some of her goals as a writer and editor are to expose readers to atypical literature, to encourage others to question and share, and to create spaces that respect diverse identities and backgrounds. You can often find her deconstructing everything she gets her hands on from books and poetry to social institutions. The world is our suitcase–Let’s unpack it!


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