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Women With an Agenda : a Review of “The Darkest Craving” by Gena Showalter

Book Review by Stephanie Hernandez

“I’ve been told I’m almost as dangerous as a tsunami” – Kane, Lord of the Underworld

            “I’ve been told I’m a tsunami” – Josephina Aisling



Witty and resilient, Josephina Aisling-AKA Tinker Bell or Tink- is no damsels in distress. In fact, she doesn’t want saving, she wants death.

“He planned to kill her, the darling man.”

 Yet as with everything in her life, not even death will come easy.

A blood slave to her own royal Fae family, Josephina knows no kindness. Yet she doesn’t let that affect her self-respect, or spirit, instead she proves her strength of character by providing herself with even the self-encouragement of compliments.

“I’m a person, too, you know. I deserve compliments every now and then, and since I’m the only one willing to give them to myself, I do.”

 In this Fae world where men are the strength and women are there for their pleasure, Josephina proves her strength each time she’s given a sentence for the crimes her sister commits and she returns unbroken. However, in the end, it’s not saving herself that truly shows her warrior edge, but the saving of a certain celebrity demon possessed man.

Rescued from the depths of hell, Kane is consumed with a darkness that leaves him wanting nothing to do with Josephina, his rescuer. However, this half-Fae female means more to his sanity and ultimately his survival than he cares to admit.

Although the living persona of all things powerful and dangerous, Kane is on his way to breaking. Done with conforming to the demands of his demon, Disaster, Kane knew he was loosing his grip on sanity. His only request before he breaks was to help Josephina conquer her struggles.

With the fates prophecies hanging over his head, Kane must work fast. Yet, Josephina has an agenda of her own, one that includes the heroic warrior act of self-sacrifice.

Beyond the two’s struggles lies a fire of desire between them. The Darkest Craving didn’t hold back on any details. Fused within the lines of this action packed book are pages with sexually heated moments of passion.

“They were skin-to-skin, heat-to-heat, and all he had to do to get her underneath him was lean forward.”

GenaShowalter2Written by romance author Gena Showalter, readers could expect nothing less than blood pumping lip-locked scenes. An avid reader of romance novels herself, Gena Showalter is one of the New York Times and USA Todays best selling author for four of her own romance series; the Lords of the Underworld, White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, and the Assassins series. Her novels have had a wide spread of interest appearing in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and seventeen magazine. Currently living in Oklahoma with her family and lot of dogs, her current series has fans eagerly waiting for more.







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