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Censoring Breastfeeding?: No Supermoms Allowed!

While we are surrounded by breasts constantly in the media (c’mon the rise of “underboob” and “sideboob,” not to mention  Miley’s boobs and Kate Upton’s boobs and well, BOOBS!), there is still one kind of breast that is not allowed.

One that works. One that fulfills the biological function that it was built to perform.

Breastfeeding women have long dealt with snide remarks, open disgust (“Oh my god! What is she doing IN PUBLIC?”), and various forms of censorship But now, Hip Mama, a magazine that focuses on the many contemporary and often non-traditional roles of motherhood, has had its cover censored for showing a breastfeeding mother.


This incredible image, by artist Ana Alvarez-Errecalde of her breastfeeding her son, has been banned by Facebook and Hip Mama’s distributor pointed out that the cover must be changed for many of its vendors to carry the issue, The Stir’s Jeanne Sager explains.

So the artist, along with the founder of Hip Mama, author Ariel Gore, decided to add a “censorship dot” for the non-suscriber issues of the magazine so that they could reach even more people and draw attention to the issue of censored breastfeeding breasts. The “censorship dot” reads “No Supermoms Here.”


But why should a beautiful image of a breastfeeding supermom be so widely censored when, as Gore asks so precisely, ““Truly sexist marketing images of naked women are all over the place and marketers don’t seem the least bit concerned about what the children will think. We’ve all seen extremely young celebrities naked and sexualized. So why are the breasts suddenly an issue in a self-directed self-portrait of a mother lovingly feeding her child?”

Please read the full article at The Stir HERE.

From the Hip Mama website: To support Hip Mama and the uncensored artistic image we chose for the cover, subscribe to the magazine or order a single uncensored copy online:

And visit the Hip Mama site at

Support a great author, her award-winning publication, and look for my interview with her in just 2 weeks.

-C.V. White


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