Becoming a Writer: An Interview with the Author of “The Rules of Survival,” Starzee






Anonymous author of the completed book The Rules of Survival, Wattpad profile name The_Starzee, has received 60,439 votes on her written work and 949,311 reads just on the one complete novel alone. Her Wattpad status, as one fan writes, shows her as “blessed with talents” so great that many other Wattpad writers ask her to read their own work. Starzee’s “wandering mind,” as she puts it, means that The Rules of Survival is far from being her only written work. With her “ever increasing pile of hand-written notes” this author’s profile provides evidence of nine current works in-progress stories to be finished, one of which is the sequel to The Rules of Survival called The Rules of Engagement.


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This beloved Wattpad Mercer series, as the two books are called, are renowned for the emotional roller coaster they enact in readers. Starzee shines in the
amazingly strong connection she builds between reader and character. She offers “so much depth, emotion and background information” to all of her characters that it’s easy for people to “fall in love with each and every one of them,” as fans say it. Starzee has set herself apart from the many other writers on this site for her ability to balance the extremes of creating “deep heart wrenching chapters but still maintaining a light sense of humor that is genius.”

For all her fans, I had the unique opportunity to interview Starzee as she gives insight to the development of her written success, what brought her to write, and where she sees herself as an author in the future. Read and hear the thoughts of a writer who “literally made and broke” one fan “all in one book.”

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shapeimage_3I noticed in your bio that you’re a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters series. Did her work inspire you in anyway: maybe in a book of yours, character personality building, or inspired you to begin writing?

I haven’t been writing for very long, and truthfully I wasn’t a very avid reader, either. That was until I discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon and her amazing Dark Hunter series (as well as every other series she writes).

Her unique characters, settings, and amazing plot ideas had me instantly hooked and I constantly found myself wondering… What if I started writing? Could I someday be as amazing as she is?

Sherrilyn Kenyon, among other brilliant writers, play a big part in inspiring me to become a better writer, and encouraging me to keep pushing myself in the hopes that one day I might find myself up there in the same league as them. It is one of my aspirations as a struggling writer.


Looking at your statistics, you obviously have an amazing fan base that loves your work; do you ever plan on publishing any of your work with a literary press or Amazon? 


I definitely plan on publishing many works. At the moment this is sort of a ‘Someday’ dream, I don’t have a set deadline or a short term goal of when I want to achieve this. For the moment I’m happy doing what I love – writing – and the one thing that brings me even more joy is having other people read my writing and seeing how they react to it.

I am hoping that my first published piece somewhere down the track will be ‘The Rules of Survival’.

I see that you are in the process of writing multiple written works at the moment; do you ever struggle with keeping your character personalities consistent in each work? Do they sometimes mesh together because you’re working with multiple main characters at once from different books or do you work on one book at a time? How do you schedule which book you are going to write a chapter for that week

I have such a wandering mind that working on one book at a time is IMPOSSIBLE for me. I am constantly flitting from one piece of writing to the next, and truthfully, I have about 20 different pieces going at once which is borderline crazy! Because my characters are so unique in relation to one another, I don’t often confuse them or muddle their personalities together.

I think every writer goes through a phase where they lose one of their character’s personalities. Good stories are derived from characters that are completely three dimensional, and to gain that aspect in writing, you need to have as much understanding of your character as you do of yourself. I find that creating an entire persona for someone can be overwhelming, and such a big job. Sometimes the details get hazy and you have to do a little bit of backtracking to regain that authenticity and consistency of the characters you create.

I don’t like to schedule my writing, and decide in advance which story I’ll be working on. I find that creativity works best without a leash. So I tend to go with the flow and work on whatever strikes my fancy at the time.


5711168-256-k938949As hard as it is to believe, there is a large number of people who have never heard about Wattpad before; what brought you to Wattpad when you began writing and do you still believe it was the way to go in order to get your stories out in the world?

My flatmate introduced me to Wattpad. I didn’t write before I discovered this amazing site. Boredom and Wattpad were the main motivators in me starting stories of my own. I can honestly say that without Wattpad there wouldn’t be ‘The Rules of Survival’ or ‘Forces of Nature‘.

I wrote them purely for Wattpad, and never imagined getting any recognition for them, let alone developing the fan base I currently have. I had no desire to get my stories out into the world, it was simply a way for me to pass the time. Though, I admit this has been a surprisingly fantastic opportunity to share part of who I’ve become with all of the amazing people who’ve stumbled across my work.



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