If you don’t know who Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is, you should. She’s a literary knockout from Nigeria who’s recent speech “We Should All Be Feminists,” became the second verse in Beyonce’s recent song “Flawless.” And while there’s some great and necessary discussion in regards to Bey’s feminism, Adichie says it best herself when Ifemelu, the … Continue reading

“This is Life and Here’s to It”: An Interview with <i>The End of Eve’s</i> Ariel Gore

“This is Life and Here’s to It”: An Interview with The End of Eve’s Ariel Gore

“There’s something so universal in the death of a parent. And the overwhelming feedback I’ve gotten form this book has been a sense of relief that comes with telling the truth about the experience. My specifics might differ from your specifics, but there is a sense of camaraderie and certainly the dark humor of it all. We can sit down and share a drink and say, wow, this is intense and hard and real. This is life and here’s to it.” Continue reading