Trifection: Kristen Millares Young’s <i>Subduction</i>, Jessica Hendry Nelson’s <i>If Only You People Could Follow Directions</i>, and Lorraine Dorn’s <i>Phrasebook for the Pleiades</i>
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Trifection: Kristen Millares Young’s Subduction, Jessica Hendry Nelson’s If Only You People Could Follow Directions, and Lorraine Dorn’s Phrasebook for the Pleiades

When I hear the word “Trifecta,” I don’t think of horses and betting slips. To me, it sounds like “three” and “perfect”: Trifection.
On a Thursday evening at the Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar, where the art is as viscerally demanding as the barkeep is warm and kind, three women read from their new collections. And for an hour we were all close to perfection. Continue reading